LogicoWise Systems

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The Logically Wise People

LogicoWise Systems is a Consultant Software Development and Service Company providing premium services to its clientele across the globe. LogicoWise has been providing all sort of Software Development, Web design & Development, Mobile Application Development, IT consultation & Services to various industries. LogicoWise Systems has wide and smart range of proven software products for wider spectrum of businesses. We are offshore partners for worldwide organizations leveraging expertise and cost effective solutions.


  • Built Technical Expertise

    Individuals worked separately and gained experience on different technologies & domains with industrial hands on

  • Achieved Business Acumen

    Individuals worked with international customers and learned many facets of software development and management of software product and projects.

  • Connecting Together

    Decided to work bringing collective experience of 26 years together to form an organization to develop innovative products & services that benefit to various industries.

  • Company Formation

    Formally registered LogicoWise Systems PvtLtd in Pune, India.Web presence was registered with www.logicowise.com website. Formed a team of Logically Wise people.

  • Service Provision

    Connected to new customers, understood their problems, designed & developed custom software for clients with experience & expertise of LogicoWise team.

  • Product Development

    Designed and developed first own product launched. The product was successfully deployed for retail chain supermarket store with multiple branches

  • Mobility Stream

    Upscale team to design and develop mobile applications as per business requirements.

  • Enhanced Product Range

    LogicoWise team designed & developed multiple software products to take care of various business requirements bringing & catering the product count to 15+ worldwide.

  • Growth Journey

    LogicoWise team increased team size to 20 members to focus more on existing and new customers and provide better services to them.

  • Growth Journey

    The Wise Journey Goes On...



Our team of experts connects with various industry experts to understand the business requirements from various sources. Based on it, in-depth thought process is applied in order to design the best software solution that can be intelligent enough to meet client’s requirements.


We, at LogicoWise, continuously work closely with customer and see that our software solutions and services are meeting the changing business requirements of our clients. We believe in achieving 100% satisfaction of our customers.


We, at LogicoWise, are group of talented people, working on top notch tools and technologies. We trust that our services and products are our representatives in the minds of our customer. We are a growing organization and we believe in becoming the TOP solutions and services provider.

Trust our experience!

Check out some interesting facts about our team.


In complete lifecycle application projects, LogicoWise takes complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems.

Brand Identity

Brand identity includes Design, Logo, Name, Symbol, Tagline and even Colour theme. Additionally it also involves intangibles such as Thinking, Values, Feelings and Expectations.

Awesome Support

LogicoWise Never dead-end its customer or assume we know the details of their issue/request without “seeking to understand”, asking the right questions and actively listening.

Code Cleanup

For long term solution, we have the team of experts who completely do reverse engineering of the software code and develop new software meeting client’s current and future needs.

professional Design

We’ve built methodology and techniques that simultaneously addresses software management and design collaboration and Just few days and at really affordable cost.

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