Admin - ExamWise Dashboard

  • Admin manages student batches.
  • Admin can register students and their batches.
  • Admin enters Subjects & syllabus topics .
  • Admin can configure custom exam types as per required.
  • Admin can add questions using different question types like, MCQ, Numeric value.
  • Admin can bulk upload question set with quiz easily.
  • Admin can schedule same quiz with different time for multiple batches.

Student - ExamWise Dashboard

  • In student dashboard student can see upcoming quizzes.
  • Student can only give those exams which assigned by admin for his batch.
  • Student has provided a well designed and well manageable exam screen.
  • Student can give exam only once in give time slot.
  • Student can see exam analysis after exam ends.
  • Student can see subject wise analysis.

Question bulk upload and Exam Analytics

  • Admin can upload set of questions using template.
  • Exam scheduling with multiple configuration like, quiz type, batch, time, marks per question etc.
  • Well managed UI for student exam screen.
  • Custom marks system for quiz level.
  • Section wise locking facility.
  • All exams question wise analysis.

Subject Wise Analysis For Student

Students can give multiple subject exams. After exam submission student can see subject wise analysis in details. In analysis no of total questions, no of right answers, no of wrong answers. Also it shows graphically by pie chart.