Mobile applications play an important part in growth of business. Mobile applications make it easy for the consumers to access your business and get more information about you and your business. LogicoWise Developers will develop mobile applications for major operating systems. These applications will come integrated with features such as payment gateway, camera API’s, Maps, hardware integration with mobile app and more. This will make the application more flexible and user friendly from the customer point of view.

Our team has also developed mobile applications for our major products like RestoWise where in the Application interacts with the main software and exchanges data on a simple local area network. These Mobile Applications can be used for purposes such as entering data, viewing data, updating data and more.


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Mobile Application Projects


SalesWise is a CRM developed particularly for people/organizations with major sales operation. This software enables the user to view and track sales, monitor the activities of sales persons…

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Ranger Tyres – Van Track

Admin of Ranger tyres can see or find the current location and van drivers routes. Also admin can track the previous routes of van where driver visited. Van drivers can update bookings status as Accepted, Rejected, Delivery Started, Completed.

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STBillWise – MSwipe App

This is Offline mobile Billing application which can work without the need to have an internet connectivity its not Just another invoice software. It has very simple It has very simple yet powerful user interface with set of attractive menu Icons.

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